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Mt Olympus Ski Field

Mt Olympus is the very soul of New Zealand freeride — a globally unique snowsports destination that demands an adventurous heart, and delivers an unforgettable experience. Discover an alternate alpine reality for mountain lovers, hidden deep in the Southern Alps.

Expect every type of terrain and snow — except groomers

Mt Olympus is located at the very end of the road. And the beginning of adventure. It’s a geological fantasy that conjures up every kind of freeride goodness; from mellow bowls to ski-movie lines. This mountain is both the proving and breeding ground of some of the greatest Kiwi freeriders.

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The Olympus Lodge is the very definition of life in the clubbies

The Lodge is a ski-in-ski-out bubble far removed from the harsh reality of the 9-to-5. Enjoy unique Kiwi hospitality that somehow combines pleasing exclusivity with being thrown a tea-towel when it’s your turn to do the dishes. Everyone lives together in the same building; bound by the day’s weather, the absence of the usual gruelling Kiwi ski-road commute, and the legendary camaraderie of the Far Canal Bar.

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Your new alpine family

A welcoming group of dedicated club members keep the tows spinning, the coffee (and punters) nicely frothed, and the lodge ship-shape. We will be on a first-name basis by the end of your stay up at Olympus; so if you’re handy, hardworking and handsome (on the inside) then get involved and join the club.

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About Olympus

Mt Olympus is a remote, club-run ski field with terrain to satisfy any skier or snowboarder. You can day trip from Christchurch, or stay for a ‘Ski Week’ in the on-mountain lodge: a full-immersion high-altitude experience that will redefine your concept of a holiday. Bounce between the ski hill, hot tub, and propping up the Far Canal Bar — with up to 52 of your (new) best mates.

What to expect

The freeride terrain at Mt Olympus is a topographic nightmare summoned from shale and schist. Fortunately everything looks better covered by pow. And the snow? It’s just as variable as elsewhere in the country. Nobody knows what the next storm will bring — but when it’s on at Mt Olympus even Europeans are slightly impressed.


“From back country spines to perfect lips, this place has all to offer. The lodge and some challenging rope tow (as lifts) for Euro skiers will complete this nice Kiwi experience.”

Sébastien Varlet
French Big Mountain Skier
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“Mt O is a ski field like no other, the club has done an amazing job retaining the vibe over the years.”

Craig Murray
FWT competitor
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“It's my happy place.”

Derek Parsons
Infamous Club member
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“The best escape from reality — I’m able to ski and hike in a pack of top free riders on lots of natural features.”

Poppy Freeman
Local shredder
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“Why wouldn't you be smiling up here?”

Thomas Stephens
Committee member
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