The Windwhistle Winter Sports Club

Clubfield skiing is the uniquely Kiwi snowsports experience. There really is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the alpine universe. In these mountains adventure usually trumps convenience; although there is no greater luxury than waking up right next to the freshies. We may be slightly biased but most Mt Olympus members believe this mountain to have the best combination of snow, terrain, lodging, banter and bonhomie…

The WWSC didn’t start out as a family club. It was mainly spunky go-getting young couples in those early years… which probably explains why it soon became a family club. The whole Mt Olympus experience is well suited to family life; kids form lifelong friendships as they navigate the innate freedoms and responsibilities that come from club life. In turn some of our most passionate and hardworking members have grown up in the club and are now introducing a third or fourth generation into the Mt Olympus mix.

About the club

The WWSC is the organisation that runs Mt Olympus. The Club oversees all ski-area functions: running the ski field in winter, building and maintenance in the off-season, taking bookings and enquiries, and working with Glenthorne Station (the high-country property which encompasses Mt Olympus).

The vast bulk of the off-season and off-hill work is voluntary and undertaken by committee and club members. During the ski season, the club employs a specialist ski area staff including a mountain manager, hut administrators, snow safety, ski patrol, chef, and ski instructors. The WWSC welcomes everyone to Mt Olympus, whether seasoned club members or first-time visitors.

circa 1963


The Mt Olympus Ski Club, otherwise known as the Windwhistle Winter Sports Club (WWSC), was founded in 1932, initially to go ice skating on the nearby Lake Ida. In 1948 the Club chose Mt Olympus as the closer of two potential ski-field locations, and sited the bottom hut in its current location.

Intrepid doesn’t even begin to describe those early years. When the main rope tow was installed in 1952, the entire rope was physically carried by hand to the field up the last stretch of road from Monck's Flat by ten men and two women. Most of the early infrastructure of the club was carted at least some of the way by eager human animals for no pay. Then — as now — sweat equity was the principal financial instrument responsible for the infrastructure at Mt Olympus.

WWSC Mission State-ment

From the beginning, it has been our goal to foster growth and inclusion through outdoor discovery by providing the necessary resources and experiences to thrive. Since 1932, we have provided opportunities to share valuable experiences in the mountains for all generations. It is our club’s purpose and passion to grow community, communication and creativity in a diverse alpine environment.

Club culture

A unique alpine culture

Skiing at the ‘clubbies’ attracts people with an unbridled (some would say unhinged) passion for snowsports in general — and their mountains in particular.

The reason for the longevity of the WWSC runs deeper than the consistently good skiing at Mt Olympus. The club functions as more of a community or an extended family rather than just a bunch of skiers whose primary motivation is to dunk their snout in the trough on the next powder day. Members work, ski, and socialise together — united by their enjoyment of this unique slice of Kiwi alpine culture.  In this age of increased regulation, cost and cancellation, it is this sense of togetherness that keeps places like Mt Olympus not just operating, but thriving.


Membership has its privileges

Membership grants significant privileges and requires a commitment of two summer work party or winter volly days per year (or a $400 premium to your membership). Members enjoy early booking access, member-only ski days and member-only accommodation nights, and steep discounts on lift tickets, accommodation, food and beverages.

New members who embrace our community culture of pitching in and sharing the rewards are welcome to join the Club. You will, however, need to put some time into the club before applying for membership.

Joining the club

  • Complete two summer Work Party days

  • Introduce yourself to two members — you will need one committee member nomination and one club member nomination to apply for membership

  • Go skiing at Mt Olympus – ideally for a Ski Week but at least for a few days

  • Complete the application form

  • Once your membership application is approved by the committee there is a one-off joining fee plus a yearly membership fee.

The fine print

Consider changing your membership to non-active if you are unable to ski as an active member (e.g. living overseas). If your membership lapses or is unpaid it may affect your 10-year milestone (after which work party days are voluntary).

Need to update your Membership details? Please email

Membership Fees

Joining up

New Member

New Family Member







*Joining fees for Juniors (10–18yrs) are free when joining with parent(s).

Yearly Membership Fees

Annual Subs

Early bird*








*Early bird sub discount applies if paid on time.

The committee

2023 Comm-ittee

  • ​Patron

    Mike Halliday

  • Club Captain

    Tom Crouch

  • Vice-Captain

    Ben Stephens

  • President

    Simon Driscoll

  • Vice President

    Tim Cookson

  • Secretary

    Belinda Meares

  • Treasurer

    Kenji Boekholt


  • Steph Kimber

  • Thomas Stephens

  • AJ Halliday

  • Ant Regnault

  • Jasmine Shaughnessy

  • Nicole Montgomery

  • Holly Regnault

  • Phil Freeman