Get ready to book your favourite ski week!

May is an exciting month for many reasons, the main one being that we are one step closer to ski season! For us at Olympus, it is a very busy month getting all of our ducks in a row making sure the field is ready for when the snow arrives and that the hut and all of our systems are ready to go to make you feel at home at the Playground of the Gods. 

At Olympus, we host ski weeks each week throughout the winter, to give you the ultimate ski in ski out experience along with fabulous feeds prepared by our master chef, and a cozy bunk to sleep in with your powder hungry mates. Did we mention there is also a hot tub??

Each ski week has a different theme & crowd that it is designed for. For example, Truants week is for kids (and their parents) and Dogtuckers is aimed at our “more experienced” skiers. Bookings in the top hut sell out for certain ski weeks each year and nearly every weekend, so it is important to get in quick when bookings open!

If you are a member of our fantastic club, one of the big perks is that bookings will open 20th of May and you get first pick! For non-members, bookings open 1st June, so certainly don’t wait around once the 1st rolls around!

To see all the dates and definitions of what ski weeks we offer, click here.

See you at the Playground of the Gods this winter!

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